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Nick Crosby Discography

With Ian Rushton:
To Sea (co-writer, lyrics, vocal, guitars)

Something’s Got A Hold of You (co-writer, guitar)

Tai Awatea (co-writer, lyrics)

Inward Bound (co-writer, guitar)

With Mark Green:

Fantasy Bridge:

Children of a Forgotten Sun (guitars)

Don’t Give Up On Love (guitars)

A Day by the Sea (guitar)

With Howard Lyons:


Tribute to Kate Bush - Various Artists (out of print)

Slippery - Van Maastricht / Crosby (co-writer, lyrics, guitar)

The Dharma Bums

Debut Album 1979 (out of print) Guitar 

Bums Away 1980 (out of print) Bass

Nick Crosby Band Experience

The Dharma Bums (guitar, vocals, bass) - Athens, GA 70% Original, 30% rock/blues covers (2 years, 2 records)

Fish Heads (guitar, vocals) - Atlanta, GA Half Original, half rock covers (2 years)

The Howard Lyons Band [aka Cumberland Blue] (guitar) - Syracuse 70% Original Native American Folk, 30% folk/rock (6 years, 1 record))

Prism (guitar) - Syracuse Classic Rock Covers (2 years)

Headin’ South (guitar) - Syracuse Modern Country, Country, Country Rock, Southern Rock (3 years)

Tricky Bits (guitar, vocals) - Liverpool Classic Rock & British Invasion (2 years)

Smokey Tuesday (guitar, vocals) - Syracuse Blues

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